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What is the best definition and meaning of book?


What is the best definition and meaning of book?

Books and Nations :

Books are one of the most important indicators that show the extent of the culture of nations, the knowledge of their children, the volume of their information, and the on which their interests focus. And the emergence of civilizations and countries to pay attention to cultural aspects, especially books, to study them, and try to understand and dismantle their contents.

 Below we review some of the most prominent aspects related to books, and the nature of the relationship between them and individuals, societies, countries, and nations.

Book Definition :

Books are initially defined as those incubators that embrace information and experiences of all kinds and forms, to place them in the hands of the reader; So that he can benefit from them, and it is also distinguished by the arrangement of their contents; This arrangement helps the reader to become familiar with all the aspects that he needs to know, related to the general topic of the book.

The Book through time :

Books have developed throughout history and successive times, and this development has been inclusive of many important aspects, chief among them: form, content, and in the modern era, and due to the tremendous technical developments.

 books have become very different from the previous ones, today they are available in different shapes and sizes; There are paper and electronic books, large books, encyclopedias, and small brochures, in addition to the presence of many other forms that are similar in some aspects to regular books.

Books and translation :

Which has helped and continues to help enrich books and their spread in human societies The translation movement flourished, and translation means transferring books from their original languages in which they were written to other languages; So that all those who do not master the mother tongue in which these books were written can benefit from it, its contents, and its contents.

Benefits of caring for books :

The interest in books for individuals and groups has many benefits; In addition to the cultural and scientific benefits that are obtained from the spread of books among people, there are many other benefits, including economic benefits; Books are a whole, integrated world; It needs writers, publishers, distributors, printers, sellers, and others, so the prosperity of the book market helps greatly in advancing the economic conditions of all these people, and others as well. In addition, books, with their varied and rich content. 

 Can reflect a good image of the writer and his nation, and they are able to spread the local culture and make it global, especially if a book finds great popularity in the countries of the world, and their books have been translated into many languages. Globalism. Books are at the top of the list of means that help a person to learn languages ​​other than his mother tongue and to learn about their vocabulary, and their own sentences. Hence, everyone should raise the status of books, and pay more attention to them.