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What The importance of the book in our life ?


What The importance of the book in our life ?

The book:

A book is a group of collected newspapers, which contain a set of information on various topics of life, for example, we find books of science, books of language, books of philosophy, geography, and many others.

Importance and benefits  of the book in our life:

Importance and benefits of the book:

  • History tool: Books are a precious treasure with the information they contain, especially that information whose source was the early scholars, historians, and linguists whom we did not contemplate, as their sciences are the basis of our existing sciences now. We have reached it now from prosperity and development, and when we learned the events of ancient history.

  • A bank of words: the book provides the reader with a huge amount of words and terms, as it enriches the linguistic faculties, the more a person reads books he gets new terms, expressions and sentences.

  • A world of ideas: the reader will enrich his intellectual world by reading books, and he will see things from different points of view, and he will find that intellectual or even literary books present him with many contradictory ideas that he will not necessarily approve of, but with time he will reach a stage where he accepts the difference with an open heart, and will necessarily rise awareness of the world around him, and he will decide the intellectual side that he adopts, while the book may change the human view of some things in a positive way.

  • A stimulus to the imagination: The book is a stimulus to the imagination of the individual through what the reader reads of sentences that will form in his brain as vivid images in the end, not as words, which will become with the passage of time more dazzling, even the most wonderful films will not be able to keep pace with human imagination, and people have always said the sentence: the novel More beautiful than the movie, and this is because they translate the words of books in a different, more beautiful and more innovative way, and the words that the reader gets from books will not be read as words in the brain, for the brain is the most impressive image lab.

  • The tool of knowledge and culture: the reader gets what he does not know by reading, as it is the first source of education for anyone. There is no better than a book to learn different sciences. With books, you can learn everything about a place or about natural sciences, biology, language, public relations, and history. religions or whatever, just as the book is the best way to develop a person’s culture and increase his awareness of the things around him.

  • An opportunity to meet famous people from different eras: in books, the reader can meet those he desires from personalities in various sciences from various places and times. distances and times.

  • A guide to different cultures: the reader will find in the books the details of the cultures of different countries, by means of descriptions or pictures and attached drawings that support a clear vision of people that he may not be able to see anywhere else.

  • A way to sympathize and gather support: Some books, such as novels, for example, or even philosophical, documentary, and historical books absorb from the reader his ability to reject, and make him convinced of the writer’s point of view, so politicians often resort, for example, to writing their struggle history to inform the public, and they are convinced of them and their visions. The reader adopts a person as one of the greats from reading his biography, as did Obama, Bill Gates, Clinton, and Erdogan, as examples of this benefit, so that some issues such as the Palestinian issue were among the most important of Arabic literature in several books, perhaps most notably Duwain Darwish and Radwa Ashour And her husband, the great poet Mourid Barghouti.

  • Strength: Books can give the individual the strength to continue, so self-enhancement books and self-confidence are goals for everyone who feels the difficulty of life and continuing in it, and some writers have taken this type of writing as a goal for him. It specializes in this kind of stories that begin with a disaster such as the death of a husband, lover, or mother, or the loss of one of the important senses such as sight or divorce after a not long period of marriage, only to be shocked in the end that its heroes finally found happiness despite everything they went through.

  • A moral behavioral guide: with books, good values are reinforced, bad values are rejected, evil is fought, and good is supported.

  • Another life: through books, the reader will learn about the experiences of others, and learn from them what he has not been exposed to in real life. He only learns from his bag, but the intelligent learns from the experiences of others.

  • Best friend: With the passage of time, the reader will find that the book is the best friend who is able to accompany him in every place and time, and he will not regret the time he spent reading a book, whatever his opinion of it.