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Top 5 Actually Benefits of Reading for All Ages


Top 5 Actually Benefits of Reading for All Ages

Increase reception skills:

 Reading helps teach the individual the skill of receiving and communicating with others and helps him learn various skills at an advanced stage, such as speaking and listening skills. It is considered one of the essentials for acquiring knowledge that helps in academic achievement at school for school learners.

Personality and intellect development:

 Reading helps to expand human knowledge, as it develops thought and refines an emotional personality. It also increases his experiences and helps him to express and opens wide doors for him to see the artistic, scientific, and intellectual production of others, and to know the latest news of inventions, discoveries, expressive and intellectual methods, and various human relations, which gives its owner a greater opportunity. To adapt to others and society, whether in the narrow framework that includes the individual and the people who live with him or within the framework of human society as a whole.

It is a way to have fun and have fun:

 Reading gives a sense of pleasure and entertainment, and helps in resting the mind, relaxing, relaxing the nerves, and relieving tension and psychological pressure, especially since reading books for entertainment does not require criticism or focus, but rather it is sufficient for him to browse quickly and look at the writer’s pages in passing, reading a beautiful poem, for example, a joke or a story Pleasant gives a feeling of relaxation and restores psychological balance to the person. It also prevents boredom during leisure time and prevents the feeling of isolation and loneliness, and at the same time, the reader achieves a cognitive benefit, whether literary or scientific.

Key to knowledge:

Reading books along with writing is a key to knowledge, as it gives a person the opportunity to see what he wants of news and knowledge without having to ask others, and its most important benefits are the following:

  •  It is a reason for the habit of God Almighty and his true knowledge, as it earns the reader the reward and reward from God Almighty, especially if he reads in the Noble Qur’an and books that forbid him from evil and point him to good.

  • Urges the construction of the earth and knowledge of the various types of sciences that help in its reconstruction. It helps to distinguish between what is good and what is harmful in life.

  • A person acquires good morals, righteous behavior, and good qualities.

  •  It raises the status and value of man because it is one of the causes of knowledge. Man is known by the way of responding to atheists and unbelievers and knowing their machinations.

 It opens up new horizons for people:

 Reading is the means that opens new horizons for man to acquire ideas, science, and knowledge, as it develops human capabilities and brings him closer to the distance because it is the most accessible source of knowledge and science. It is a necessary need for the progress, advancement, advancement, and development of nations, and it is the only way for the formation of creators and the emergence of creativity, thinkers, inventors, and writers, and it rids minds of superstitions, backwardness, and ignorance.