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The Top Nine Benefits of Reading for Children


The Top Nine Benefits of Reading for Children

Benefits of reading for children:

Why is Reading Important for Children:

  • Improving Reading Skills: The practice of reading for children continuously and widely improves their performance in it.
  • Brain exercise: The process of reading is more complicated than watching TV, etc.; Therefore, reading helps in strengthening the connections in the brain and in building new ones.
  • Improving focus: When the child sits to listen to stories, he develops, in the long run, his concentration skill.
  • Understand the environment: Reading helps the child learn about people, places, and events that are far from their own experiences.
  • Improving vocabulary and language skills: The child learns new words when reading, distinguishes how to form sentences, and in knowing the use of words and the characteristics of new languages ​​he learns in reading and writing. 
  • Developing the child's imagination: The brain transforms the things that are read into images in the person's imagination, which helps the child to employ them in his daily life.
  • Develop Empathy: Reading helps develop a child's sense of events and imagine himself in their place, and how he will act in them.
  • Fun: Reading can be resorted to when bored. Improving academic performance: children who read achieve better results in all educational curricula.

Benefits of Reading with a Child:

 Reading with the child helps in strengthening the bonding and strength of the relationship between the child and his parents; spending time with the child is the most influential thing on his development, and also contributes to building trust between them, and a sense of the parents’ closeness to them. With reassurance and care, and also during reading, it is possible to talk about other matters in the child's life and exchange experiences between him and the parents.

Tips to Encourage Reading:

  There are many tips that encourage reading, including:
  • Read many stories every day.
  • Enclose the child with different books to develop his reading spirit.
  • Encouraging the child to read and making it an essential part of his life; Such as reading the menu, the name of the movie, the weather, and others.
  • Use technology tools to boost self-esteem, such as adding a tablet.
  • use of e-books; Because it enables the child to control the font size and clarity.
  • Give the child the opportunity to choose the book he wants to read.
  • Helping the child choose books that suit his current age.
  • Use reading aids.
  • Show interest in the child while reading to encourage him.