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How To Speed Read: Benefits and 10 steps to Read Faster

How To Speed Read: Benefits and 10 steps to Read Faster

Speed Reading :

 Speed reading is a set of techniques and methods used by readers with the aim of reading as many books as possible, but without this leading to a lack of understanding, and this is by using the capabilities of human memory in addition to reducing the pauses on which the eye usually stops between words, There are many books, courses, videos, and lectures that teach a person to speed reading.

Benefits of speed reading :

  • Gaining as much knowledge as possible in the shortest time.
  • Keeping pace with the developing and accelerating world by its nature, sciences are renewed every day, and the reader must master this skill to keep pace with the world and benefit from its broad and renewable knowledge.
  • Increasing people's love of reading through speed and increasing their rate of reading books in one year.
  • Increasing human focus and increasing understanding. With time and practice of this skill, the reader's ability to focus and understand things increases.
  • The speed of obtaining information.

How to Improve Your Speed Reading in 10 steps :

  1.  Reading words with the eyes only, away from uttering them with sound or moving the lips, which helps to increase the number of words he reads at one time.
  2.  Converting the read words into pictures in his imagination increases his awareness and ability to understand in a faster way.
  3.  Paying attention to what is in the footnote on the sides of the book and paying attention to it reduces the speed of reading, as neglecting it trains the reader to read quickly.
  4.  Jump from line to line, paragraph to paragraph, and page to page quickly.
  5.  Ignore paragraphs that contain a known story or information to save time.
  6.  The beginning of the reader in speed reading is preferable to be in the easy books, and then gradually to the medium books and the more difficult ones.
  7.  The general understanding of the text should be the reader's goal of reading, and not focus on small and minute details.
  8.  Not to go back to the previous paragraph, and experts in this type of reading advise using a categorical piece during a reading that covers the reader with the previous paragraph until he gets used to not going back to it and until he moves to the next paragraph.
  9.  Comprehension at the beginning of speed reading will be a little, and by getting used to and practicing this reading and rehearsing it, the comprehension will increase further, so the reader should not worry about the problem of lack of understanding at the beginning.
  10.  Training for speed reading is by reading articles that are written vertically; This is to accustom the eye to the speed of moving from one line to another and from one paragraph to another, such as those articles that are usually found in newspapers.