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6 Health Benefits of Reading for The Brain


6 Health Benefits of Reading for The Brain


  Reading is one of the fun things in which a person eliminates boredom and routine, and through it seeks to raise the level of his general culture. And poetry collections, philosophy books, biographies, and reading have many benefits besides education and entertainment, including the benefits to the brain, which we will talk about in this article.

The Benefits of Reading For The Brain

Develop Analytical Skills:

 Reading stimulates the brain to perform its functions, and improves its communicative and analytical abilities, especially in children and adolescents. Reading also strengthens the work of neural connections in the brain.

Memory Activation:

  Reading reduces the risk of memory loss; Therefore, reading must be practiced regularly to obtain this benefit, and people are sometimes advised to make a summary of the book they have finished reading, to train the memory to memorize faster, and test it at the same time to see how well it can perform its required function.

Increasing The Concentration Ratio:

  Reading books requires the brain to analyze the information that it reads, and stop there, and the brain during reading imagines, connects topics and events, remembers names and characters, in addition to distinctive places and phrases, memorizes the story, or comes up with a comprehensive general idea about the book after reading. ; And all of the above would develop all mental abilities, and raise the level of concentration.

Develop Creative Abilities:

  Among the many advantages of reading is that it removes a person from the atmosphere of stereotypes, and pushes his thoughts to another path that he was not accustomed to before, and this leads to raising the level of efficiency of mental abilities and connecting the brain to qualitative ideas and creative steps.

Brain Stimulation:

  The brain sometimes goes through a period of lethargy, or an inability to carry out its normal functions to the fullest, so it needs some signals that motivate it to do so, including reading books, and in all cases, the degree of brain interaction with this stimulus varies from one person to another.

Fight Depression and Anxiety:

  It is known that reading is a key factor in relieving nervous tension, anxiety or depression, because the reader discovers new ideas in his reading of books, through which he can overcome the thoughts he carries, and caused him that negative feeling, so we can say that reading is an amazing antidote to some Minor nervous diseases, the most famous of which is insomnia.

Another Benefit of Reading Increase The Cognitive and Cultural Stock of The Individual.

  • Getting to know the conditions of people and the culture of distant peoples.
  • Develop writing abilities and skills.
  • Improve speaking skills.
  • inexpensively eliminate boredom.